adidas new boots Committee mulls municipal housing corporation

adidas ransom Committee mulls municipal housing corporation

The City of Grande Prairie is considering establishing an arms length municipal housing corporation, as well as developing city owned land for low rent housing.

Both the federal and provincial governments are expected to roll out funding for affordable housing builds, and the city will have a better shot at receiving funding if it starts planning now, said Katherine Schmidt, the city Homeless Initiatives supervisor.

really about the city being ready to access both provincial and federal funding when it becomes available, she said. Ottawa national housing strategy, unveiled in November, includes a plan to spend $11.2 billion across the country on 100,000 new housing units, which are housing units rented below market value.

Speaking to the Community Living Committee meeting last month, Schmidt suggested exploring the idea of an arm housing corporation as mechanism to advance the construction of family and seniors housing. On Tuesday, the committee recommended council approve a detailed analysis of the housing corporation model. It would be funded with up to $80,000 from the housing reserve.

is a preliminary step to investigating all the technical aspects of what would be required to set that up, what the form might be and what the function would be,
adidas new boots Committee mulls municipal housing corporation
Mayor Bill Given said.

The analysis would detail a spectrum of options, he added. A municipal housing corporation could both build and run housing developments whether they apartments, single family homes or duplexes or it could partner with private companies and not for profits.

Given said the point is to see whether a housing corporation help us address under served portions of the market.

Schmidt has previously pointed to single mothers and seniors as groups in need.

Close to 600 additional affordable housing units are needed for mostly lone parent families, she said in June. The estimate is based on the number of families in what CMHC calls housing need, meaning they spend more than one third of their before tax income on housing that doesn meet their needs. There are 1,241 residents currently living in permanent or temporary affordable housing in the city, according to the 2017 Housing Inventory.

Council is also considering developing 4.8 ha of land in the Smith subdivision south of the Rotary soccer fields. The city purchased the land in 2014 with the idea of potentially using it for Grande Spirit Foundation seniors housing.

Angela Sutherland, CSD manager, last month recommended the approval of using the land not only for seniors housing but also for some form of subsidized housing for families, as well as regular market housing. The committee referred the matter to council upcoming strategic planning session.

A rough cost estimate for the project assuming the city were to develop the site and construct residential housing puts it at nearly $95 million. That $8.3 million for development and $81.5 million for building.

However, Given said that a very rough estimate, and the city wouldn necessarily be the builder.

think it likely the city would do some portion of that, probably at the very early stage to make the land ready for construction, and it likely that the majority of what I would call vertical development in terms of actual new buildings on the site would be done by others,
adidas new boots Committee mulls municipal housing corporation
he said.

adidas predator 2014 Complaints about Jabulani continue at Cup

adidas gloves Complaints about Jabulani continue at Cup

Player complaints about the Jabulani World Cup ball show no signs of abating, and Mexico is even using American footballs to sharpen their goalkeepers’ reactions to unpredictable bounces.

At Monday’s practice at Waterstone College, Mexico goalkeeping coach Alberto Aguilar kicked bouncing “pigskins,” as the oblong shaped American footballs are called, to his three charges starter Oscar Perez and substitutes Guillermo Ochoa and Luis Michel.

The drill comes after a couple of goalkeeper blunders on seemingly easy shots during the first weekend of the World Cup in South Africa. England’s Robert Green allowed a cheap equalizer against the United States for a 1 1 draw, and Algeria’s Fawzi Chaouchi misjudged a long distance shot and allowed it to bounce into the net off his arm for a late winner in Sunday’s 1 0 loss against Slovenia.

Gripes about the Jabulani ball are not new and none of the 32 teams at the World Cup has made an official complaint to FIFA.

“The ball has been produced by Adidas, which is a long standing partner of FIFA and very experienced in this field,” said Nicolas Maingot, head of FIFA’s media department. “It has been tested and it has been proven.”

Players, however, are still presenting arguments to the contrary.

Gianluigi Buffon, closing in on Dino Zoff’s Italian record of 112 international appearances as a goalkeeper, said Monday it was possible to “hear some deep breaths from the tribune” whenever the Jabulani took flight.

“This ball goes and goes and goes. I hope the goalkeepers go, go, go, too,” Buffon said, while American keeper Marcus Hahnemann said the Jabulani was too light and allowed too much spin.

Other top goalkeepers, including Spain’s Iker Casillas and Brazil’s Julio Cesar, have also raised concerns about the ball, as have Brazil striker Luis Fabiano and Denmark’s Daniel Agger, who had a Jabulani bounce off his back and into the wrong net after a header by teammate Simon Poulsen, gifting their Dutch rivals the first goal of their 2 0 victory on Monday.

Italy striker Giampaolo Pazzini has called the ball a “disaster” and Agger’s teammate Jesper Gronkjaer described the Jabulani as a “lousy football.”

Of course, football players have a habit of complaining about every new development when it comes to tournament balls.

The Teimgeist ball used at the 2006 World Cup in Germany was called the “flying ball” and the “helium ball” because of its perceived extended flight time, while the Fevernova ball from the 2002 World Cup co hosted by Japan and South Korea was deemed too light and too bouncy.

Adidas has been manufacturing the official World Cup balls since 1970 first from leather and later from synthetic materials and the current tournament is its 11th world championship in a row.

As expected, the German firm has defended the Jabulani, with company spokesman Thomas van Schaik saying last month that “all the response we have had has been positive” and that the World Cup teams had been given the ball ahead of time so they could get used to it.
adidas predator 2014 Complaints about Jabulani continue at Cup

adidas shoes ComDayBe Image manipulation in Windows 8 metro app

adidas stella mccartney ComDayBe Image manipulation in Windows 8 metro app

During this session I presented some technical items on how to make your Windows 8 app more attractive Because of the fact that we currently only shared the slide deck, I’ll be putting up some small blog posts with code references so you can use these inside your own app as well!Our Community app presents a list of events that contain sessions. Such a session can be given by one speaker or more speakers. What we wanted to achieve was to let the user of our app directly see the image(s) of the speaker(s) when he looks at the session list. But the trick here is that because of the use of XAML templates we only have one Image control inside our session list with a given Width and Height. So we need to transform the given images so that they will fit. The effect we are after is this, one speaker = one large image, more speakers = smaller images inside one large one:Now how do you do this well it’s very easy and this thanks to the WriteableBitmapEx lib available on codeplex or through NuGet. With these extensions you can manipulate your images.So when you added a reference to the WriteableBitmapEx, you’ll only need a WriteableBitmap inside your code and you are set! What we do in our app, if the session is only given by one speaker we will just be downloading the image from the web ourselves and return it to the image control.Downloading images from the web is done by using the FromStream extension.if you get version of the WriteableBitmapEx, you don need to change the source code, because as of that version the problem has been fixed!But befor we continue, do note that the current code base of the FromStream method swaps Red en Blue colour channels! The effect you’ll get are speaker images that look a lot like Navi people from Avatar .To do this kind of manipulation we use the Blit method. The Blit method is used on the Target image and you’ll have to give it a set of 4 parameters. The first one is a rectangle indicating where in the new Target image you will be placing the Original image. But the neat thing here is, that by setting this first rectangle parameter you can also in one go resize the Original image! The second parameter is the actual Original image itself. And the third parameter is a source rectangle, also here a neat thing, you can if you want only take out a part of the original image! But we use the complete image The last parameter is a BlendMode and this is set to Additive.
adidas shoes ComDayBe Image manipulation in Windows 8 metro app

adidas suit Condensation Phenomena in Stochastic Systems

adidas supernova shorts Condensation Phenomena in Stochastic Systems

Zero range processes with decreasing jump rates are known to exhibit condensation, where a finite fraction of all particles concentrates on a single lattice site. We will consider two such models. In a first result, we study a zero range process on a one dimensional lattice with periodic boundary conditions in the thermodynamic limit with fixed, super critical particle density. We show that the process exhibits metastability with respect to the condensate location, and the suitably accelerated process of the rescaled location converges to a limiting Markov process on the unit torus. In a second result we consider a zero range process in the totally connected graph with L vertices and a number Nlog(L) of particles that determine a vanishing density. We show that for this model the fluid configurations, where each site contains at most one particle are metastable as well. Moreover, for the right choice of parameters, the best way to perform a transition between condensate configurations is to go through the fluid, while each condensate well is deeper that the fluid set.

Joint work with S. Grosskinsky, M. Loulakis, A de Masi and E. Presutti.

the regime of large Finally, I will discuss two conjectures suggested by numerical simulation:

long cycles are Schramm L curves, with parameter between 4 and 8 depending onDue to attractive interaction between the particles, the inclusion process can exhibit a condensation transition, where a finite fraction of all particles concentrates on a single site. In this talk we characterize the dynamics of the condensate for the reversible inclusion process on a finite set S,
adidas suit Condensation Phenomena in Stochastic Systems
in the limit of total number of particles going to infinity.

By potential theoretic techniques, we determine the time scales associated to the transitions of the condensate from one site to another, and we show that the limiting dynamics of the condensate is a suitable continuous time random walk on S. Joint work with S. Dommers and C. [slides]

In this talk I will provide an overview of the Bose Einstein condensation in simple complex networks providing both analytical and extensive numerical results describing the detailed stochastic dynamics of the Bianconi Barab model above and below the condensation transition. These results indicate that in the network at there is a subextensive number of nodes that acquire a finite fraction of the links. I will discuss an interesting variation of the model to describe weighted complex networks where there is a condensation transition in which few links acquire a finite fraction of all the weight of the network. Finally I will show that the Bianconi Barabasi model is a subcase of a wider model called Network Geometry with Flavor describing simplicial complexes whose statistical properties depend on quantum statistics and I will describe the phase transition occurring in this model.

Stochastic monotonicity is an extremely useful property of many interacting particle systems, combined with coupling methods it is a key tool in determining the set of invariant measures for certain process and obtaining hydrodynamic limits. We study stochastic particle systems that conserve the particle density and exhibit a condensation transition due to the particle interaction. On a fixed lattice the condensation transition occurs as the total number of particles diverges, the system separates into homogeneous phase distributed at the maximal invariant measure, and a condensate where a diverging number of particles concentrates on a single lattice site. We study spatially homogeneous processes which exhibit this phenomena, and have product stationary measures. Such processes include zero range process and more general misanthrope processes. All known examples are not stochastically monotone. We are able to show that in fact all such processes, with finite critical density, are necessarily non monotone. Condensation can occur on finite lattices even if the critical density is not finite, we discuss an example that appears to be both condensing and monotone.

This is joint work with Thomas Rafferty and Stefan Grosskinsky.

Steffen Dereich (University of M Condensation in preferential attachment models with fitness.

In 2001 Bianconi and Barab observed an intriguing condensation phenomenon in preferential attachment models with fitness. In the condensation phase, in the limit, there is a comparably small set of vertices (the condensate) that attracts a constant fraction of new links established by new vertices. We provide new results on the formation of the condensate in the case where the fitness distribution is bounded and has polynomial tails.

Coarsening dynamics in condensing stochastic particle systems. [slides]

Zero range processes and inclusion processes are well known to exhibit a condensation transition under certain conditions on the jump rates, and the dynamics of this transition continues to be a subject of current research interest. Starting from homogeneous initial conditions, the time evolution of the condensed phase exhibits an interesting coarsening phenomenon of mass transport between cluster sites. The single site dynamics of the processes form a birth death chain describing the coarsening behaviour. We introduce a size biased version of the single site process, which provides an effective tool to analyze the dynamics of the condensed phase without finite size effects.
adidas suit Condensation Phenomena in Stochastic Systems

adidas online shop COMMONWEALTH v

adidas shop COMMONWEALTH v

MILLS, J. The defendant appeals from convictions on two counts of breaking and entering a vehicle in the nighttime with the intent to commit a felony, G. L. c. 266, 16; possession of burglarious tools, G. L. c. 266, 49; and receiving stolen goods with a value less than $250, G. L. c. 266, 60.[1] On appeal, he claims that (1) the evidence was legally insufficient as to the breaking and entering counts, (2) his motion to suppress was improperly denied, (3) the judge erred in his instructions to the jury, and (4) he received ineffective assistance of counsel. We affirm in part and reverse in part.

1. Motion to suppress. Unfortunately, the motion judge did not follow the recommended practice and made no express written findings of fact. We summarize the evidence presented at the suppression hearing in order to determine whether the findings implicit in the judge ruling are supported by the record. Commonwealth v. Grandison, 433 Mass. 135, 137 (2001). The judge denial of the defendant motion to suppress implies resolution of disputed factual issues in favor of the Commonwealth. Ibid.

The sole witness at the suppression hearing was Officer Jack Crowley of the Cambridge police department. On March 17, 1999, he investigated two automobile break ins that occurred in the early morning hours. In the vicinity of the break ins, the police recovered a bag containing burglarious tools, two keys, and a forty ounce bottle of malt liquor. Crowley examined the contents of the bag, identified the name of the company that had made one of the keys, and was eventually directed to a particular apartment at 207 Norfolk Street in Boston.

Crowley and Officer Edward Frammartino, in plain clothes, proceeded to that address and spoke with some people outside the apartment complex. They explained to the officers that who claimed to be the resident of the apartment came home carrying a lot of items claiming to have lost his keys the night before. The defendant, clothed only in his underwear, opened the door, and the manager identified him as the person he let into the apartment earlier that morning. Crowley then identified himself and Frammartino as police officers, and Crowley displayed his badge. The defendant stated, know who you guys are, then aside and allowed the conversation to continue inside the apartment. When the officers inquired about the defendant lost keys, he stated that he didn live there and that his brother had lost his keys when his car was broken into.

While in the apartment, the officers observed several bottles of wine stacked underneath a coffee table and a of car stereos with wires hanging out of them. As their conversation concluded and the police turned to leave, Crowley noticed a pair of gloves in a trash bag next to the door. Duct tape was wrapped around each of the fingers of the gloves. Once outside, they contacted police headquarters and requested a criminal records check on the defendant, which disclosed twelve aliases and over 125 entries on his probation record, including breaking and entering in the nighttime as the most recent entry.

At that point, they decided to return to the apartment for a second time, this time unaccompanied, and again knocked on the door. Once again, the defendant opened the door, aside, and the officers walked into the apartment. This time, the defendant asked the officers [they] wanted to speak to him . . . [and] why [they] were there. The officers told the defendant that they were investigating a crime, read him Miranda warnings, and asked him to get dressed and return with them to the police station. The defendant was told that he was not under arrest, and he agreed to go to the police station.

Before they left the apartment, Crowley observed a bicycle lock and asked the defendant permission to insert the second key recovered from the site of the vehicle break ins into the lock. The defendant consented and the key fit. Once they arrived at the police station, the defendant was again advised of his Miranda rights and executed a Miranda waiver form. When asked about his whereabouts on the previous night, the defendant explained that while he was on his way to his girlfriend house, he had fallen asleep on the train and someone had stolen his bag. The defendant was then moved into another room and his Miranda rights were explained to him for a third time. The defendant disclosed that he had been going to Cambridge steal some bikes but the area was meaning that police were close by; he had observed other people breaking into cars at that location. At this point, Crowley informed the defendant that the gloves and wine bottles observed in the apartment matched items that had been reported stolen from the vehicles. The defendant attempted to explain that he found those particular items on the road and that although he they were stolen and have taken them, he took them anyway. Subsequently, the police asked the defendant for his consent to search the apartment at 207 Norfolk Street. He to sign the form, signed it, and was placed under arrest shortly thereafter. The officers and the defendant returned and entered the apartment, finding the bottles of wine, the gloves, and other items from the burglarized vehicles.

Prior to trial, the defendant motion to suppress all the evidence was denied. [Commonwealth v. Sanna,] 424 Mass. 92, 97 (1997). The defendant now argues that the second warrantless entry was unlawful and that, moreover, defense counsel failure to assert in a pretrial motion to suppress that this second entry was an unconstitutional intrusion was a lapse depriving the defendant of effective assistance of counsel. We disagree on both points.

In the absence of exigent circumstances or consent, warrantless searches and seizures are prohibited by the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution and art. 14 of the Massachusetts Declaration of Rights. See Commonwealth v. Voisine, 414 Mass. 772, 783 (1993). Commonwealth v. Voisine, supra, quoting Commonwealth v. Walker, 370 Mass. 548, 555, cert. 943 (1976). The voluntariness of an individual consent to a warrantless entry is an issue of fact, and must be examined in the circumstances of the case. Commonwealth v. Sanna, 424 Mass. at 97.

In this case, the judge finding that the defendant freely and voluntarily gave the officers his consent to enter his apartment is supported by the evidence. When the officers arrived at the defendant doorstep for the second time and knocked, the defendant knew who they were, asked them what they wanted, and freely stepped aside allowing them to enter the apartment to continue their conversation. See Commonwealth v. Voisine, 414 Mass. at 783 (consent valid when the form of communication was pointing in the direction of a bedroom, rather than speaking). There was no evidence that the officers were coercive or used trickery or deceit. See Commonwealth v. Burgess, 434 Mass. 307, 310 (2001). Furthermore, the defendant appeared to be cooperative, ibid., consented to the officers first entry, voluntarily accompanied them to the police station, waived Miranda rights, and, finally, signed a consent form allowing the officers to enter the apartment for a third time. The judge may also consider the defendant age, intelligence, and prior police experience as relevant factors regarding voluntary consent. See Commonwealth v. Perrot, 407 Mass. 539, 543 (1990) (defendant had at least ten prior encounters with the police); Commonwealth v. Burgess, supra at 310 (judge took into account the defendant age, eighteen, and level of education, eighth grade). Contrast Commonwealth v. Heath, 12 Mass. App. Ct. 677, 684 (1981) (young female defendant with no prior arrest record). The defendant in this case had more than 125 entries on his probation record, and from this,
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the motion judge could reasonably infer that the defendant was aware of his rights. See Commonwealth v. Perrot, supra at 543. Finally, there was no evidence that the defendant objected in any fashion during the entire episode, from the first police knock to the final entry with his express consent. See Commonwealth v. Maloney, 399 Mass. 785, 786 788 (1987). In these circumstances, we conclude that the motion judge correctly found that the defendant behavior manifested implied voluntary consent.[2]

2. Denial of motion for required finding of not guilty. The defendant next argues that the trial judge erroneously denied his motion for a required finding of not guilty because the Commonwealth failed to provide sufficient evidence to prove that the defendant had intended to commit a felony when he broke into the two vehicles. We examine the facts at trial in the light most favorable to the Commonwealth. The Commonwealth principal witness was Officer Crowley, who testified substantially as he had in the suppression hearing. Margaret Prebensen, the owner of a Toyota Camry automobile that had been broken into that night; Cheryl Bagshaw, the girlfriend and roommate of the owner of a Ford Explorer that had also been broken into that night; and three other officers testified regarding the two vehicle break ins. As she was looking down at her vehicle from her living room window, she noticed a man with a flashlight looking into the back seat of the vehicle. She then told her mother to call 911, opened the window, and screamed for the police. After the police arrived, Prebensen examined the contents of her vehicle and found that her briefcase was missing from the back seat. Prebensen described her briefcase and its conte

a black leather case. . . . All of my papers were not all of them. There were still some papers in the briefcase; but most of the contents of the brief briefcase were was on the ground. My Day Runner, and all of the reports, and file folders that were in my briefcase. . . . The briefcase was opened, papers sticking out of it; there were other there were other papers strewn on the ground around it and on the stairs. . . . I looked into [the briefcase], you know, to see if there was anything of value, other than the papers. You know, it just appeared to be a briefcase with, you know, someone work papers in it.

On March 17, 1999, Cheryl Bagshaw and her boyfriend, Curt Cetrulo, were both awakened by a police officer speaking on a megaphone, saying, owns the green [Ford] Explorer . . . come outside. Both Bagshaw and Cetrulo went outside of their apartment located in Cambridge and found that Cetrulo vehicle had been broken into. They noticed that the seat passenger side window was completely smashed in and things were stolen out of the car. According to Bagshaw testimony, a duffle bag, a prescription bottle, old ski gloves, and several bottles of wine were taken from the car. There was no specific testimony as to the value of the missing items.[4]

At the close of the Commonwealth case, the defendant moved for a required finding of not guilty on all of the indictments, and the judge denied the motion. The criteria for reviewing a motion for a required finding of not guilty are familiar; viz., whether the government has presented sufficient evidence for a reasonable fact finder to infer the existence of each element of the offense charged. See Commonwealth v. Mandile, 403 Mass. 93, 94 (1988). See also Commonwealth v. Latimore, 378 Mass. 671, 677 678 (1979).

We conclude that there was sufficient evidence here from which a reasonable jury could have found, upon proper instruction, that the defendant had intended, at the time he broke into and entered the vehicle, to steal property from each of a value in excess of $250. Although the value of any item actually taken may be relevant on intent, especially if the item actually taken was visible at the time of the breaking and entering, it was not necessary for the Commonwealth to present evidence of the value of the property actually stolen, or, in fact, that any property was actually stolen. A defendant intent to commit a felonious larceny may be proved in a number of ways. See Commonwealth v. Lauzier, 53 Mass. App. Ct. 626, 629 (2002) ( intent may be inferred from the actual commission of the felonious act . . . as well as the circumstances attending the act’ [citations omitted]). The evidence in this case, upon proper instruction, was sufficient to prove the felony portion of G. L. c. 266, 16.

3. Jury instructions. The defendant was indicted on two

counts of breaking and entering a vehicle in the nighttime with the intent to commit a felony.[5] The four elements of G. L. c. 266, 16, that the Commonwealth must prove beyond a reasonable doubt are: (1) that the defendant broke into a vehicle belonging to another person; (2) that the defendant entered that vehicle; (3) that the defendant did so with the intent to commit a felony in that vehicle; and (4) that this event took place during the nighttime.

The Commonwealth argues that it is not required to prove that the defendant possessed the intent to steal property worth more than $250 and that proof of intent to commit any larceny of property, regardless of value, will suffice. We disagree. For his part, the defendant argues that specific evidence of value of the property removed from the vehicle is essential to the Commonwealth proof and that for the felony offense, must be in excess of $250. We again disagree. Nonetheless, there is a problem with the jury instructions here. The judge charged, in part, as follows:

Commonwealth is not required to prove that the defendant intended any particular felony in this case, but it must prove that the defendant intended to commit some felony. If you conclude beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant intended to commit larceny or stealing after entering the vehicle, I instruct you as a matter of law that larceny would be a felony. Under the judge instruction, the jury were obliged to find the defendant guilty of the greater offense of breaking and entering intent to commit a felony, even if they found no more than an intent to commit a misdemeanor with respect to either vehicle. was no objection at trial, but when the claim of error pertains to the definition given to the jury of the crime charged, the possibility of a substantial risk of a miscarriage of justice is inherent. Commonwealth v. Hall, 48 Mass. App. Ct. 727, 730 (2000).

The distinction between felony and misdemeanor offenses is established by statute: crimes punishable by confinement in a State prison are felonies; all other crimes are misdemeanors. G. L. c. 274, 1. The Legislature has included that distinction in the general larceny statute, G. L. c. 266, 30, and has done so by explicitly referencing the value of the property stolen. If the value of the property stolen exceeds $250, the offender can be punished by imprisonment in the State prison; if the value of the property stolen does not exceed $250, the offender potential imprisonment is in a jail. The Legislature has included both misdemeanor and felony behavior within the general larceny statute; thus, not all larcenous behavior is felonious. The value of the property stolen determines whether larcenous behavior constitutes a felony or a misdemeanor. The to commit a felony is a specific element within G. L. c. 266, 16. The Commonwealth must prove the specific intent with which the defendant committed the breaking and entering. Commonwealth v. Perron, 11 Mass. App. Ct. 915, 916 (1981). That intent must exist at the time of the breaking and entering. Commonwealth v. Lauzier, 53 Mass. App. Ct. at 629. Moreover, all criminal statutes are to be strictly construed, and any reasonable doubt as to the statute meaning must be resolved in the defendant favor. Commonwealth v. Smith, 431 Mass. 417, 425 n.10 (2000).

The judge in his jury instructions considered any larceny to constitute the felony element of G. L. c. 266, 16. This was error. Under G. L. c. 266, 30, a larceny is not a felony unless the value of the property stolen exceeds $250.

In light of the foregoing, the judgment on the counts charging breaking and entering with the intent to commit a felony are vacated. Because there was ample evidence to support a conviction of the lesser included offense of breaking and entering a motor vehicle with intent to commit a misdemeanor, and the jury necessarily concluded that the defendant had intended to steal something, the case is remanded to the Superior Court for resentencing on the lesser included offense of breaking and entering a motor vehicle with intent to commit a misdemeanor. The other judgments are affirmed.

[1] The defendant was acquitted of two counts of receiving stolen goods. Two other counts of receiving stolen goods were placed on file, and habitual offender and subsequent offense indictments were nol prossed.
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adidas adipower com RALPH D

adidas predator sale com RALPH D

Ralph was past member of St. Joseph the Provider Catholic Church, where he was also on the Board of Directors for the St. Joseph the Provider School. He was past president of the Youngstown Jaycees.

Ralph first employment came as a loan officer and real estate appraiser for First Federal Bank. He was then employed as a sales rep for American Greeting Cards and was the former owner of Adidas Art Studio. Ralph then operated Top Team Sports in Columbus and most recently worked with HP Nemenz Food Company until his retirement in 2012.

Ralph joined forces to start the Greater Pennsylvania Super Kid Race in 2008, which was a Soapbox Derby race for special needs children, and was very proud of there accomplishments.

He leaves his loving companion, Jill Raymer; son Donald (Sandra) Lepley; his brother, Charles Lepley; and many nieces and nephews.

In addition to his parents, he was preceded in death by his sisters, Lula Nugen and Minnellia Taylor;
adidas adipower com RALPH D
and his brothers, Martin Jr. and John Lepley.

Funeral services will be Tuesday at noon at the Davidson Becker Funeral Home, 11 Spring St. in Struthers. Interment will follow at Canfield Cemetery.

The family asks that memorial donations be made in his name, to The Community Foundation of Western Pennsylvania and Eastern Ohio of the Greater Pennsylvania Super Kids, 710 State St., Sharon, PA 16148; or to Hospice of the Valley, 9803 Sharrott Road, Poland, OH 44514.
adidas adipower com RALPH D

best adidas trainers Complex Fires Still Eating Up Acreage In Six River

adidas la trainer black Complex Fires Still Eating Up Acreage In Six River

SIX RIVERS NATIONAL FOREST Six Rivers National Forest continues to be impacted by two large complex fires.

The Orleans Complex has 19 fires. It is approaching nearly 8,700 acres. 13 of those fires have been contained.

Firefighters were able to take advantage of favorable weather overnight and conducted tactical firing operations to remove unburned fuels along Forest Road 15 N 17. The operation is intended to confine the Haypress Fire which has no percentage of containment whatsoever.

Over the past few days,
best adidas trainers Complex Fires Still Eating Up Acreage In Six River
smoke has been heavy so air attack was suspended. Officials hope with Wedneday’s improved conditions; they’ll be able to resume.

The Ruth Complex has now burned nearly 4,
best adidas trainers Complex Fires Still Eating Up Acreage In Six River
800 acres and is 97% contained.

The Ten Bear trailhead leading to the Marble Mountain wilderness is still closed as is a portion of the Happy Camp Ranger District due to the proximity of the Ukonom Fire.

adidas factory outlet stockport comeback falls short in loss to No

adidas original backpack comeback falls short in loss to No

The Cal men’s basketball team (7 13, 1 6) has been defined by the duality of basketball it plays in the first half versus the second half of games. While the Bears tend to sputter out of the gate, they kick it into high gear after a trip to the locker room.

But this brand of basketball is equally as exciting as it is dangerous, and Cal suffered the consequences of relying on this model of play yet again as its comeback effort fell short in a 81 73 loss to No. 16 Arizona State (15 4, 3 4).

The Sun Devils led by as much as 15 points in the second half, but behind a scorching hot second half offense that shot 55.2 percent from the field, the Bears crept back into the ballgame, cutting the deficit to as little as four points.

“We’re having better starts,” said head coach Wyking Jones. “We’re coming out the gates ready to play, ready to compete. It starts there, not having the big deficits at halftime and having such a hole to climb out of.”

But Cal could only only go blow for blow with one of the nation’s best offenses for so long, as Arizona State strung together a game clinching run in the waning minutes of the second half run and kept Cal searching for its next victory.

The loss extends the Bears’ losing streak to six, a stretch that has spanned three weeks. Cal will have to wait an additional couple of days before its rematch with UCLA.

“(Arizona State is) a very good basketball team,” Jones said. “They experienced. Tra Holder seems like he been there forever. They made the right plays at the end and we did a good job of crowding them in the paint, but they kicked it out and their guys hit shots. Marcus Lee, one of many Bears who has struggled since conference play began, had one of his better offensive performances of the season, tying his season high with 23 points on 10 of 13 shooting from the field. Lee would leave some points behind at the charity stripe as he only connected on three of his 10 free throws.

the first touch, (the team was) like, ‘Alright, you have an advantage, so we keep going to you,’ ” Lee said. “So the confidence that my team gave me that they saw kind of helped me keep going. Darius McNeill busted out of a mini slump, scoring 16 points and splashing home four 3 pointers. McNeill’s performance marks the first time he’s touched double digits in the scoring column since Cal’s 107 84 loss to UCLA.

came down to me just being aggressive and playing my game,” McNeill said. “The past couple of games, I was just being timid like the first couple games of the season. This game, my coaches sat down with me and told me to play my game and just play through our offense and be aggressive at all times. So that what I did. freshman Justice Sueing contributed 12 points to extend his streak of games scoring double digit points to seven.

has been our most consistent player in conference play,” Jones said. “We have a lot of faith and trust in him to go out and make plays. We put a lot of pressure on him to deliver for us,
adidas factory outlet stockport comeback falls short in loss to No
and he done a great job at this point, and I don anticipate that changing. started senior forward Kingsley Okoroh over struggling junior guard Don Coleman, marking the first time Coleman hasn’t started this season. In his first game off the bench this season, Coleman posted 10 points, four rebounds and two assists in 29 minutes.

“We just wanted to go with a bigger lineup,” Jones said.

The Sun Devils came into the ballgame with a reputation as one of the premier offenses in the country, but they didn’t look the part early on, only mustering six points in the first seven minutes of play. A team which entered the night shooting 47.7 percent from the field, Arizona State only connected on 7 of its first 20 shot attempts.

Arizona State’s slow start provided Cal with an opportunity to keep the game relatively close even as the team had its own struggles from the field. The Sun Devils would put together a couple of high energy plays in the first half, but the Bears would respond with a counter to stay in the ballgame.

Lee was at the head of that counterattack, whether it was a thunderous, two handed slam or a fadeaway in the post. Even after their opponents opened up an 11 point lead at halftime the senior’s hot shooting kept the Bears within striking distance.

Lee, however, could only do so much on his own. Much to the tune of recent losses, Cal’s offense would fall into offensive funks which lasted minutes at a time, allowing Arizona State to slowly expand its lead. Aside from Lee, the Bears shot just 25 percent from the field in the first half of play.

While the Sun Devils struggled to string together buckets in the first 10 minutes of regulation, they broke out of their slump as the first half progressed, feeding off the Bears’ miscues and expanding their lead. Despite the slow start, Arizona State would finish the first half shooting 45.7 percent from the field, ultimately building a 15 point lead early in the second half.

Despite Arizona State being on the cusp of running away with the ballgame, Cal came out with plenty of juice in the second half as well, rattling off an 8 2 run over the course of a minute and a half to keep things interesting. And as the Bears cut the lead, Haas Pavilion grew louder and louder.

For much of the second half, the Bears and Sun Devils would trade haymakers. Just when Arizona State established a little bit of breathing room, Cal would muster just enough life to keep itself from fading.

With about two minutes remaining in regulation, the Sun Devils’ lead stood only at six, but the Bears’ tank would hit empty at just the wrong time. Arizona State matched Cal down the stretch with timely buckets and kept the Bears at bay.
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The Camarillo Premium Outlets held a sidewalk sale last weekend to help bring in shoppers for what the National Retail Federation predicts will be one of the busiest back to school shopping seasons in history.


Rio Mesa students Monica Jimenez, left, and her sister Sofia shop at American Eagle at the Camarillo Premium Outlets. The sisters were shopping for school clothes. The National Retail Federation predicts families will spend $29.5 billion for back to school supplies this year.(Photo: CHUCK KIRMAN/THE STAR)Buy PhotoBinders, colored pencils, sticky notes and highlighters were just several of the items on seventh grader Luis Cobian’s back to school shopping list.

The Oxnard Isbell Middle School student bustled around the Pacific View mall’s Target store in Ventura with his family Monday afternoon to acquire the final few items he needed before the school year begins.

“My school gave me a list of the things I needed,” Luis, 11, said. “I’m mostly buying the basics and just what is necessary so I don’t waste my parents’ money.”

That said, the list Luis was provided was hardly short, nor were its variety of required purchases out of the ordinary.

Shoppers such as Luis and his family are rapidly gearing up for the school year which for most Ventura County students begins this month. Retail analysts throughout the nation are predicting2017 will be one of the busiest back to school shopping seasons in history and expect the period to produce record sales numbers.

Back to school shopping, which generally begins a month before school starts, is the second most popular shopping period after the holidays and encompasses a variety of products ranging from clothing to electronics and writing tools.

A recent survey conducted by the National Retail Federation, a trade association that tracks retail sales, estimated combined spending during the back to school and back to college season would reach $83.6 billion, a more than 10 percent increase from last year’s $75.8 billion. Around $29.5 billion of those sales are expected to come from back to school shopping for high school students and younger, while back to college spending was estimated to be approximately $54.1 billion.

Higher rates of spending are a positive economic sign, according to Katherine Cullen, director of retail and consumer insights at the National Retail Federation. Spending tends to increase when consumers are confident in the economy and have funds to spare, which bodes particularly well for the economy, given 2017’s expected record sales, Cullen said.

“Indicators of consumer confidence shows that people are feeling good about the economy which translates to how much they are spending,” Cullen said. “We’re reaching record high levels of (expected) spending and it’s a great sign for the economy that consumers are planning to spend this much.”

Traditional school supplies such as pens, paper, notebooks and binders are expected to sell well across most age groups, though analysts addedsales for other back to school products tend to vary. For example, Cullen noted that backpacks and lunchboxes tended to be popular with elementary school students, while teens’ interest in fashion and electronics make items such as jeans, footwear, computers and tablets a higher priority for middle school and high school students.

Local retailers have been busy preparing for the rush of back to school shoppers, according to Jasmine Alvarez, assistant manager at The North Face in the Camarillo Premium Outlets.

Although the outlets are a popular shopping destination for international tourists, the area is often packed with local families as the school year approaches, Alvarez said. She noted that backpacks and branded clothing have traditionally been popular with local families and that her store received major shipments to meet demand in July when back to school shopping typically kicks off.

“We are slammed with backpacks and logo tees and keep styles to suit all age ranges,” Alvarez said. “Backpacks are always particularly popular. There’s a lot of foot traffic from the beginning of July all the way through August for back to school sales.”

Though clothing is a historically key component to back to school sales, retail analysts agreed that electronics are rapidly growing in popularity. A survey by RetailMeNot, an online savings firm,
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estimated parents would spend an average of $121 on electronics during the back to school shopping period, while the aforementioned National Retail Federation survey estimated they would spend an average of $204 on electronics.

Experts noted children and teenagers are beginning to use technology such as laptops, tablets and cell phones earlier in their lives, which has caused electronics purchases to surge in volume. Moreover, due to their appeal beyond students, retailers tend to aggressively market electronics during major shopping periods such as the back to school season.

Still, both surveys said clothing sales were expected to outpace electronics and continue to dominate back to school sales. The National Retail Federation survey estimated parents would spend around $239 on clothing, while the RetailMeNot put theaverage at $153.

Electronics sales, though, are expected to notably outpace other sales categories for back to college shopping, which is generally on the rise due to increased enrollment numbers.

The National Retail Federation survey estimates college students and their families will spend $12.8 billion on electronics, followed by $8 billion on clothing. Of those electronics sales, 61 percent planned on purchasing a laptop for college, followed by tablets, 28 percent; electronic accessories, 26 percent; calculators, 24 percent; and smartphones and cell phones, 21 percent.

Ventura County’s major shopping areas have been bustling with activity. For Monica Jimenez, a 16 year old Oxnard resident, new clothes were a priority as the end of her summer vacation drew near. Jimenez spent a morning in early August at stores such as American Eagle at the Camarillo Premium Outlets to purchase new clothes in preparation for her junior year at Rio Mesa High School in Oxnard.

“I’m mainly interested in buying some pants and new shirts. I want to be fashionable for the school year and need quality jeans.”

Businesses are eager to market themselves to prospective customers during busy shopping periods, and it’s important to offer competitive promotions, according to Alex Whye, general manager at the Adidas’ Camarillo Premium Outlets location. Adidas offers new discounts and promotions on a weekly basis to drive traffic during the back to school shopping period, Whye said.

“We do a lot of our promotions and focus a lot of our heavier shipments during our back to school shopping period,” Whye said. “We’re running different promos every week, such as two (pairs of shoes) for $40 or $50. There’s usually something different every week because this is such a promotional shopping period for us.”

While the majority of back to school shopping is expected to take place in brick and mortar stores, around 46 percent of shoppers are expected to buy products online, according to the National Retail Federation survey. Free shipping offers are a major attraction, though the survey also notes that 54 percent of online shoppers will pick up their product in store.

Some people, such as Lancaster residentKeysha White, traveled to Ventura County specifically for back to school shopping. White, 41, took her two daughters to several stores at the Camarillo Premium Outlets so they could keep up with the latest trends.
adidas samba red Confident consumers expected to push back

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