mens white adidas trainers Kevin Garnett signs with ANTA Sports Products Limited

cheap adidas clothing Kevin Garnett signs with ANTA Sports Products Limited

Kevin Garnett is entering the final month of his endorsement deal with Adidas, but has been contemplating the option of signing with another sportswear company in recent months. Today he rocked the boat spurning offers from the leading corporate sports apparel brands in the world including, Nike, Reebok and Under Armour to sign with ANTA Sports Products.

Garnett will become only the second NBA player ANTA has signed to an endorsement contract behind Houston Rockets forward center, Luis Scola. His move to ANTA is the fourth move in a string sportswear endorsement deals Garnett has had in his NBA career. He has previously signed multi year contracts with Nike, AND1, and Adidas.

In 2004 ANTA became the exclusive sponsor for sportswear for the Chinese Basketball Association. Since then it has actively pursed NBA stars to bolster its brand globally. The company has over 5,600 retail outlets in China and its athletic shoes have been among the top sellers in the country.

Garnett will now join the growing ranks of NBA players who have signed endorsement contracts with Chinese sportswear companies. Jason Kidd, Ron Artest and Jason Richardson have all been under contract with Peak Shoes at some point in their careers. Stephon Marbury has also agreed to a three year contract with Shanxi Zhongyu that will likely see him through to his retirement as player and will provide another American face to basketball in China.

CEO of ANTA Sports Products Ding Shizhong was quoted in a press release about the addition of Garnett to the ANTA fold. “Leveraging Kevin Garnett’s worldwide popularity and influence in the sport, and with our extensive basketball resources and nationwide integrated marketing strategy, the joining of Kevin Garnett will no doubt help support the sustainability of the basketball industry in China, enhance our brand image, and bolster our leadership and competitiveness in the basketball market.”

Garnett is the only player to average 20 points and 10 rebounds per game for nine consecutive years, an 11 time NBA All Star and 2008 member of the NBA Champion Boston Celtics.
mens white adidas trainers Kevin Garnett signs with ANTA Sports Products Limited