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Who Says Cooking Lobster Tail is a Challenge?

By Kenny Leones in Cooking Recipes

Who says cooking lobster tail is difficult? Well, it could be for some but once we get to apply tips we learn from experts, or anyone more experienced in cooking lobster tails than we are, then nothing could go wrong. So, what is the best way to cook lobs.

22nd February 2010

How to Correctly Cut Your Own Bangs

By Kenny Leones in Beauty


The materials needed are a pair of sharp, haircut scissors, tooth styling comb, clips to hold hair and mirror with stand.

Pick a portion of your hair to be cut off. Place your ha.

19th February 2010

Portraying the Human Figure

By Kenny Leones in Arts and Entertainment

Figure drawings begin with a stick figure, a skeleton of sorts that will hold all components of the composition in the subsequent stages. An important factor of this stick figure is the action line,
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which will take up most of the figure’s body: from the n.

19th February 2010

The Essentials of Writing an Autobiography

By Kenny Leones in News and Society

Writing one’s autobiography is perhaps one of the most challenging writing projects one can ever hope to accomplish. After all, it is hard to put into words one’s own life the ups and downs, highs and lows, triumphs and losses. While we might find our l.

19th February 2010

Drawing the Sabertooth Cat and Other Fantasy Creatures

By Kenny Leones in Arts and Entertainment

Fantasy art deals in stretching the boundaries of the elements of composition to bring the subject as close to reality as possible. Book covers and illustrations help bring to life concepts such as dragons, dinosaurs, serpents, ogres, elves, and dwarves b. President. So,
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why was Ronald Reagan a gre.

23rd December 2009

Reasons Democratic Governments Need Separation of Powers

By Kenny Leones in Politics

Separation of powers is the term that describes the independence of each of the branches of a democratic government. This was first practiced in ancient Greece and it later spread to the Roman Republic and became part of its constitution. Also known as tr.