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I must turn power off and then on again. I think the more time it is off, the more time it takes to hang again.

I changed my motherboard, IDE cables, memory and CPU and problem is still there. I checked HD many times, even with SEAGATE tools, and its in perfect conditions, no errors found. I

reinstalled windows XP a few times, and nothing happened.

I also fixed MBR with fixmbr utility. nothing.

I have passed a few good antivirus, especially in MBR, but looks clean. Your current drive will continue to give you problems until one day it will finally just crap out altogether. The BIOS may even not recognize it at that piont (controller) or if it’s the motor structure the BIOS will find it but the PC will give a NO BOOT DEVICE error or something like that.

What is happening is your drive is getting errors now and then and there is corruption in your page file. in one case, on a 20gb quantum fireball hd, i installed a win 2000 os, and now works fine, the problem disaappeared. on my 40gb maxtor, with a new MB, RAM and processor, without compatibility issues, xp worked fine for a few months, but now crashes almost every day. after the kernel data inpage error blue screen and “dumping phisycal memory to disk”, it reboots, and doesn’t detect my hd. like the others, i have to shut down pc and restart it. and by the way, does anyone now what exactly the “smart” on the MB monitors? because i get a warning ’bout my drive and i don’t know how serious the problem really is

Running Windows2k Pro on a relatively outdated system.

Recent problem: occurred within the last couple of weeks, after installing World of Warcraft on a secondary HD (primary slave)

Before crash occurs:

HD begins clicking loudly (extremely noticeable) and everything stops working (extreme lag?)

Afterwards, upon reboot:

my computer fails to detect my primary slave HD

computer fails to load windows properly, stating the need to insert a boot disk

HD types:

Primary Master: ST340824A 3.05

Primary Slave: ST360020A 3.39A variety of theories, rumors, legends, as well as “help” from microsoft.
adidas supernova shorts KERNEL DATA INPAGE ERROR