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Our office is in a giant suite on the 12th floor. There are lawyers, artchitects, accountants, insurance people, all other kinds of businesses up here, each in their own little room. There are four of us in here, a twenty by twenty room with surge suppressors snaking from the walls and more computers than there are occupants. While the sign on the door doesn make it clear, word has gotten around: this is the room where the geeks live.

Someone just knocked on our door, and we all looked up from our laptops: the guy in the doorway was trim, his hair was groomed, and his shirt was pressed. “Can I ask you guys a question he asked.

Hi, this is Aaron Brown for CNN, and I here, live, at St. John Hospital in Santa Monica, California, where crowds have gathered in a vigil for former President Ronald Reagan, who died early this afternoon. With me is Ed Gillespe, chairman of the RNC. Sad day, isn it, Ed it certainly is, Aaron. But there a silver lining to this heavy cloud.

What that for the next month we going to hear nothing but Reagan, Reagan, Reagan. Now that he dead, there be nothing but encomiums and praise for the President.

Well, yes, surely no one will speak ill of the dead. Ron as we like to call him we working on getting him beatified in the next few days and they think back with fond memories of his strong leadership, his clear communication, his vision, and then they transfer all of their affection to George W. Bush. The President can only benefit from St. Ron passing.

Ed, you not talking about the Republicans politicizing Ronald Reagan passing, are you bet your sweet boots we are, Aaron. Oh, we be subtle about it: we have a tribute at the convention, we have lots of speeches while he lies in state in the Capitol, we work on getting him either on the dime or the ten dollar bill. I mean, who was a greater leader St. Ron or FDR And, Alexander Hamilton Since when do we put Treasury Secretaries on money Can you even remember who our current Secretary of the Treasury is I.

Of course you can But you remember Ronald Reagan, right Right So, sad day, but it nothing but good news for us. Especially since our current strategy of highlighting George W. Bush leadership qualities haven been doing that well for us. We plan on riding his funeral bier all the back to the White House. Hell, why not create the Reagan Monument and have his preserved body lie there for future generations to enjoy don think that Reagan, a staunch anti Communist, would disagree with that why would he that what the Communists did with their dead leaders People today don remember any of that! All they know is the Communists were bad, and St. Ron rode his war charger El Alamein across Western Europe, spreading the word of democracy and freedom, and how they leapt over the Iron Curtain to crush Communists and destroy their Evil Empire with his heat vision.

Lord, grant me time. Not a lot, not eternity, but a spare thirty six minutes a day would be great. If you add thirty six minutes to the day in a manner that doesn screw up the time space continuum or the Earth gravity or the way monarch butterflies migrate, I appreciate it. I would spend that extra thirty six minutes in a way that would make you proud. Thirty six minutes a day would let me water and weed the entire garden. Thirty six minutes of running would keep me healthy and sexy (and if my body is a temple meant to worship You, then how can we go wrong with adding a little more to the temple maintenance schedule and thirty six minutes of biking would allow me to ride my bike without freaking out about being late to work. If I had an extra thirty six minutes a day, I could give my girl backrubs when she wakes up and when she goes to sleep, which would make her happy, and her happiness would make other people happy, and so on and so on. Thirty six minutes would allow all of us to do more cool stuff. Heck, we could even sleep for an extra thirty six minutes, and we all be in a better mood. I think we could take care of the problems of International Terrorism, World Hunger and General Misery if we were more well rested and could think clearer.

So, how it Thirty six minutes. That all. And, in return, I will erase thirty six minutes of programming from my TiVo Season Pass list. You know what I double, no, triple that. I won blow through one hundred eight minutes of tv.

For the love of God and all that is holy, please let me turn off Address Book autocomplete!

I think that title would say it all, but just in case, here it is again: please, please, PLEASE let me turn off the autocomplete function in Address Book. I know it just trying to be helpful, but it a royal pain in the ass. An amazing hemorrhoid of a pain, the kind that would allow a proctologist to write the kind of paper that would earn him accolades amongst his colleagues. I am sick and tired of trying to type “CA” for the state and having Address Book give me “Ca” instead. I have to type it and click on another field immediately, or else I go about doing the Dance Of The Address Fields all day. I expect this kind of unhelpful “helpfulness” from Microsoft and their thrice damned Office Assistants; I shouldn be getting it from Apple. Tell Steve Jobs that until this is fixed I will publicly denounce him as a fraud and a wanker; “Insanely Great” software does not make me tear out my hair in unsightly patches.

Love and kisses, A.

Would someone tell me why Ronald Reagan is considered a great President I not being facetious. What did Ronald Reagan do that gets him up in the pantheon of greats think great Presidents, I think of the Roosevelts and Lincoln. I think of guiding us through wars where our nation was at stake, I think of enacting programs that helped bring about that whole “promote the general welfare” thing that no one seems to remember. I think about Reagan, and all that comes to mind is Iran Contra and being scared out of my mind that the world was going to be burnt to a nuclear crisp.

So, what is it What did he do Why do people insist on naming airports and courthouses and after him Write me at REAGAN at GIRO dot ORG. I put your answers up here if I get any. Spelling and grammar count.

I really dig the Pogues, and I really dig Shane McGowan. Or, rather, I dig recordings of them all back in the early 80s before heroin and booze did all kinds of bad things to the band and Shane in particular. I hate it when my favorite artists turn into poster children for Public Service Announcements, but, after looking at this of Shane, I want to do nothing but floss and brush my teeth for the rest of the day. Kids, if you going to do drugs, at least make sure you keep up with the oral hygene.

You know, I read stuff like this (scroll down to the part about Prince Bandar), and I get mad. That anger deflates after a few seconds because I can work up the energy to be indignant any more. Rummy and Cheney showed a foreigner, one whose government supports terrorists, one who a bigger problem to us than Saddam Hussein, showed him the plans for the Iraq War, and for what We get rid of someone who was a pain in Saudi Arabia ass, and they House of Saud will make sure gas prices are lowered in order to get the economy humming along in order to ensure that Bush gets re elected.

I read that, and I get angry, and then the anger leaves, all because I gotten so angry over one thing over another (Mission Accomplished! Sharon plan is the right one! Global gag rule! Clear Skies! Healthy Forests! Good news from the Malabar Front!) that I all out of anger. I have anger bonking. I have hit the anger wall.
mens adidas gazelle trainers Life's a Fair and Balanced Ride