adidas sala Life in B Minor

adidas trainers jd sports Life in B Minor

i just finished looking over my christmas presents list (to buy, not want!) and ticking off names in preparation for focused gift buying with jok in about twelve hours time, haha. will be the first time i step into town proper in months! which is kinda funny, considering how close i live to it. or maybe it one of those take it for granted don things.

since jeff likes to read my blog so much, happy birthday again! your giant pot of honey is forthcoming. i don think i can afford a goat, though.

the most exciting news in my life recently is that exams are over, yay. other than that, uh, eugene bought me new shoes and i bought myself another pair and now i think my shoe rack may be full. there some that i don wear and others that can be worn any more that i just haven gotten round to getting rid of so now there just more motivation for me to clear stuff out.

and of course, it that time of year again, when i seem to be busier than when i have classes and assignments and things to do on top of those. falalalala lalalala.

oh yes, i just got promoted to a leadership position in children church 😀 super like, omw, wow. (i am so unable to find the right words to describe my very varied feelings that my brain has switched to bimbo gear.)
adidas sala Life in B Minor