adidas culver Linux is useless

adidas forum Linux is useless

Well _better_. For my needs there and then, it was better. Sad but true.

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Guys, I think what EVERYONE is forgetting here is that Linux is not about frame pushing, boot up performance! Its about system security,
adidas culver Linux is useless
networking and ROOT With particular reference to ROOT for instance, most desktop windows users wouldn’t have ANY concept of what you are talking about or the unmeasurable benefits it has. Never mind the incomprehensible security issues that there are with windows that simply put will never be solved because the coding is diabolical.

However if you use your system for general games play, video editing or just to show off your “Huge Balls” with 3D mark 2005 then I can guarantee Windows will suit you and is much more appropriate there is no debate about that.

But, if you are more interested with whats happening inside your System/OS than you are with what your doing on it, then Linux is a much better option, as this is what is what it was ultimately botched together to do.

And I have to say for all of you pussies going on about “I’ve tried both knoppix and suise 9.2 and I’ve come to the conclusion (quote me on this if you want) “windows is the greatest operating system ever invented”” you really,
adidas culver Linux is useless
REALLY shouldn’t be using Linux in the first place. Stick you your bot net’ed hole of a windows box and stay there.