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Happy autumnal equinox, everyone.

You might be confused that it the first day of fall (or tomorrow is the first day of fall my Internet sources were conflicted on whether it was Sept. 22 or 23). Temps in the mid 80s don feel very autumnal to me, they just feel humid and gross. And only a few days ago I was basking in mid 60 degree weather, enjoying cool breezes.

It hard to dress for the weather as it is. But when retailers go and throw in out of season clothing, it gets even weirder. Bathing suits in January? In the dead of winter, slipping on a bikini is the last thing I want to think about. And winter coats start crowding sales floors in July and August. What the deal?

Karlie Kloss models the conundrum shoppers face every season. Of course, Vogue story is for the super rich, so she tends to whine about how hard it is to get a decent Balenciaga boot in the fall (cry about it, why don you), but there are some interesting bits.

The article boils down to one thing: the never ending fashion cycle. Women, one designer says, always want the next thing, they always looking forward for the next trend. That may be so, for some women, but doesn everyone want to be able to buy a proper winter coat when it you know, cold?

Without getting into too much into detail and the chi chi of Vogue shoppers, it interesting to understand how the designers schedules dictates what we end up seeing in stores, from high end department stores to WalMart. From a retail perspective, it comes down to how long different (pre fall, fall, resort, spring) stay on the stores floors, and when they get marked down. These industry delivery schedules likely aren going to change anytime soon so we just need to get used to seeing heavy sweaters in July and skimpy sundresses in February.

The out of sync industry makes it more important to shop for seasonless pieces, those items you can pull out of your closet at a moment notice and make a season appropriate outfit in seconds.

A lightweight cardigan in a tight knit, wearable through the summer as a sundress or bathing suit cover up;

A good pair of jeans in a darkish neutral wash, straight or slightly flared leg;

A classic trenchcoat, which works from fall through spring and even on cooler summer days;

An LBD (or two, or three nothing says timeless like a well fitting black dress; and

button down shirts, the more colors/prints the merrier, but definitely one in crisp white.

I also throw in a good pair of galoshes,
adidas tankini a fashion blog
because not only can they be really cute, but they are vital in crappy central Illinois late fall/early spring weather. I found a pair at WalMart for around $15 that rival any Wellingtons, and they have a steel toe. Every item on this list is something I own and wear consistently through the year, regardless of season or temperature.

When steamier temps creep up in fall or when we get snow in April (which happens, scarily enough), you have the basics to prepare for the weather. Also, keep in mind that you might have to shop for your seasonable pieces early to get good selections, or wait super late to get good deals.

As always, thanks for reading!

Judge all you want, but I can hide my love for the show. The drama, the outrageous situations, the gorgeous men, and the absolutely amazing clothes what not to love?

I had Monday, Sept. 13 marked on my calendar for more than a month to prepare myself for the show season 4 return (now that I write that out, it seems pretty lame. Too bad!)

No television show has affected my style the way GG has. The show main female characters are fabulous examples of my two favorite looks: boho chic (Serena van der Woodsen) and prim, proper lady (Blair Waldorf). When I dress for everyday, I a Blair. Polished, buttoned up, and feminine. But at night, that when I become a Serena, mixing unexpected textures and patterns to create something edgy and stylishly off. Not to toot my own horn or anything. Plus, this season begins with B S in Paris, so you know the clothes have to be droolworthy.

So here are my choice looks from the upcoming season of GG. All are easy to replicate with some creative shopping (or sewing). And don forget the GG men: that Chuck Bass is such a dapper guy.

Sorry for the short post, but there is more on the horizon. New York Fashion Week is here! I have a rundown of top looks next week, plus a conundrum I always questioned: why are the in fashion so out of whack with the actual seasons? Designers are showing their spring/summer 2011 collections now, and come March, will show their fall/winter collections. What the deal?

Thanks for reading! What TV shows or films inspired your fashion?

It was positively chilly this past week cold enough to shine up my leather riding boots and snuggle into a chunky knit sweater. One of the best parts of fall fashion is the opportunity for layering: broad swaths of clothing, long sweaters and pants, require equally attention grabbing accessories to anchor them. In cold weather, when the days are dark,
adidas tankini a fashion blog
no accessory feels over the top. Here are the fall looks I be sporting when the weather is consistently chilly.