adidas crazy 8 2017 Presidents Bowl Preview

jd adidas trainers 2017 Presidents Bowl Preview

“You know the speed of their team, they can make up for mistakes that are made mentally just because of the physicalness of their players and how fast they are,” O’Gorman Head Coach Jayson Poppinga said.

“They have a lot of team speed. They do very good with what they do with the football in terms of how they run it and how throw the football. And they get the ball to their athletes in space,” Washington Head Coach Chad Stadem said.

Washington will be facing the 2nd ranked team for the second consecutive week, as they defeated Roosevelt 41 7 last week. Coach Stadem says matchups in this kind of environment act as a measuring stick for his team.

“An early season game like this and the competition we have just in the Sioux Falls community is the best. So it’s always good to matchup against the Sioux Falls schools and find out where we rank,” Washington Coach Chad Stadem said.

In the day’s second game, third ranked Roosevelt faces Lincoln.

It also pits Roosevelt Head Coach Kim Nelson against his former assistant Jared Fredenburg, who’s in his 1st year as Head Coach at Lincoln, providing some familiarity heading into the game.

“Their offense is going to be similar to what we run. Their defense is a little bit different, obviously, than what we’ve run in the past. They’ve got different personnel, they’re adjusting to their people,” Roosevelt Head Coach Kim Nelson said.

“Just so many weapons. They’ll have Varns on one side, they’ll have Hester on another and send Seth Baloun down the middle and then you got the running back to worry about. So, offensively, they’re just so dynamic,” Lincoln Head Coach Jared Fredenburg said.

Though the two are now on opposite sidelines, they still remain close friends and are looking forward to Saturday night.

“In the offseason we always tell each other, I hope you win every one but 1 and it happens to be the same game we’re talking about here, but it just makes it a lot of fun for all of us and we’re looking forward to it a lot,” Nelson said.
adidas crazy 8 2017 Presidents Bowl Preview