adidas duffle bag Are you financially compatible with your mate

adidas kick trainers Are you financially compatible with your mate

Love is in the air. With Valentine Day around the corner, many are ordering flowers and heading to the chocolate shop.

Yes, everything is all roses until money tiffs surface.

Having watched his mom struggle to support him and his two siblings after a divorce, Tom was determined to become an entrepreneur. Ariana was raised as an only child in an upper middle class home, so she thought they should save and work.

I felt like I had no choice and spent $7,500 on a set of four real estate investment trainings, Tom says. This was nine months before their wedding, and he did so without checking with Ariana.

That was a tipping point for the young lovers. forced us to sit down and discuss how we make and spend our money and what we wanted in the future, Ariana says. Now they meet monthly with a spreadsheet showing their income, debt, savings and monthly bills. It has helped them to stop overspending and focus on eliminating debt.

Here how to determine if you and your betrothed are a good fit financially speaking.

1. Define your valuesOften, financial disagreements are not simply about money, says financial adviser Libby Muldowney at Savant Capital Management in Rockford, Ill. can represent power, self worth or control to people, Muldowney explains. a life as a couple built on common values will help you use the money as a tool to support those share values and financial habits.

3. Look at each other’s credit scoresAnyone can experience financial difficulties at one point or another.
adidas duffle bag Are you financially compatible with your mate