adidas culver Are the good times really over for good

adidas climacool ride Are the good times really over for good

For anyone who has played basketball in their lifetimes, there came a point when they played because just because it was fun. It was fun to learn, fun to get better, fun to go into a gym or onto a playground with friends or teammates.

Even the great ones played because it was fun. The truly great became that way having fun. They took a similar approach as professionals as they did when they learned how to handle the ball, pick and roll, shoot a free throw in a fluid motion and keep themselves between their man and the goal. Mayo and Bill Walker were having fun at some point during the 2002 03 season when they were teammates at Rose Hill Christian School. After all, they were playing against the state best at some of the storied venues of Kentucky high school basketball, the place some consider to be the center of the basketball universe.

But then it all changed when Walker status as a student became a problem. He was a freshman clearly a freshman and that was going to throw a wrench into the plans of the pair AAU coach, Dwaine Barnes. The freshman status meant the two couldn play together in AAU and that a previous national championship could have come under review.

Rose Hill stood by its guns, as it should have, indicated it would not move Walker back to the eighth grade and the Mayo Walker Barnes show hit the road to Cincinnati North College Hill. There, somehow, Walker was enrolled as a freshman.

At this point, it seems difficult to imagine the Ohio High School Athletic Association coming to any conclusion other than Walker has exhausted his eligibility as a high school player. It appears Walker senior season of high school basketball has been sacrificed for AAU and that if he plays next season it would have to be at a prep school.

But before anyone comes down too hard on Barnes, it is worth noting that Mayo and Walker have been molded into hot commodities. Perhaps some day, if Mayo and Walker are wearing their Adidas shoes on NBA courts across the country, one could argue the methods paid off in the long run.

Still, it is easy to understand Jeff Hall frustration when he talks about Walker.

In a story published in Saturday edition of The Independent, Hall gave some very candid comments about Walker time at Rose Hill during that season. He wasn blaming Walker, of course, but instead the people who surrounded him and Mayo.

Hall calls them the decision makers for the futures of two young men who were about to explode on the national scene. Mayo is rated as the top junior in America and Walker is a top 15 prospect.

Maybe there is a reality to face that some players are so good that there are adults who will make sure their earning potential will not be compromised. The strict control of media access is because they are being branded, even in high school. It is a bit unseemly, isn it?

But how might the actions of these young men now, as teenagers, affect their marketability if they do in fact make it to basketball biggest stage? Even the casual observer has to know there is a lot of money at stake.

Regardless of anyone opinion on whether these young men have been manipulated for the benefit of the or if they have been beneficiaries, it leaves the question if all this business has taken away the fun.

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adidas culver Are the good times really over for good