adidas adizero football boots Anne Arundel teens indicted for allegedly robbing gas station

red adidas Anne Arundel teens indicted for allegedly robbing gas station

Four Anne Arundel County teenagers were indicted in circuit court last week for reportedly robbing the BP gas station in Dunkirk a couple of months ago with a BB gun customized to look like an actual firearm.

Vincent Arthur Gray, 16, William Michael Tebo, 17, Tymone Dashawn Davis, 19, and Kylie Rene Letcher, 17, all of Lothian were indicted on charges of armed robbery, conspiracy to commit armed robbery, robbery, conspiracy to commit robbery, second degree assault,
adidas adizero football boots Anne Arundel teens indicted for allegedly robbing gas station
theft valued less than $1,000 and malicious destruction of property valued less than $1,000, according to online court records. All three juveniles are being charged as adults.

On April 25, the Calvert County Control Center broadcasted the report of a robbery in progress at the BP gas station in Dunkirk. The report stated there were multiple suspects covering their faces with masks, one of whom displayed a handgun, the charging documents state.

Det. Megan Quinn and Cpl. Richard Wilson were the first officers on scene, at which time they spoke with the store clerk, Rajesh Baniya, in the parking lot. According to the police report, Baniya detailed what occurred during the robbery before providing access to the surveillance video. Located on the steps of the business near the front glass doors was an empty magazine resembling that of an Airsoft gun.

The surveillance video showed four people running toward the BP gas station with masks covering their faces and hoods over their heads. Davis the first to enter the business reportedly pointed a handgun at Baniya, demanding money from the cash register. He allegedly grabbed money from the drawer and placed it into a black Adidas duffle bag that Gray was holding, the documents state. Tebo and Letcher were reportedly gathering alcoholic beverages and other miscellaneous items from around the store.

While all four suspects were away from the door,
adidas adizero football boots Anne Arundel teens indicted for allegedly robbing gas station
Baniya locked the door remotely from under the counter, preventing the teens from leaving. After unsuccessfully finding another escape route, the teens allegedly began kicking, hitting and throwing liquor bottles at the door. According to the report, they were eventually able to flee the store and ran toward the same direction from which they came.

The teens allegedly made off with between $400 and $500 from the cash drawer and five bottles of Smirnoff Vodka. One Smirnoff Vodka bottle was broken during the attempt to flee the premises, and three additional alcoholic beverages were unsuccessfully stolen. The total value of the stolen property was $600 while the value of destroyed property was $15.49, the documents detail.

According to court documents, while attempting to locate Letcher’s codefendants, Quinn was informed about an April 28 incident in which Letcher, Tebo and Gray were reportedly identified as suspects in the destruction of property to a disabled vehicle near the Calvert County border in Anne Arundel County. His parents subsequently gave consent for officers to search Gray’s bedroom where the shoes from the robbery were found, along with bags that were in a similar style as the Adidas duffle bag. The bag from the robbery was not found at this time, charging documents detail.

Gray, Tebo and Davis were detained in Lothian and incarcerated at the Calvert County Detention Center May 13. Each suspect gave a detailed statement on the robbery and identified the others as codefendants. Gray and Davis said they came up with the plan to rob the BP gas station at Letcher’s house,
adidas adizero football boots Anne Arundel teens indicted for allegedly robbing gas station
according to court records. Davis admitted removing the orange tip from the BB gun to make it look real. An arrest warrant was issued to Letcher May 13 and served four days later.

All four teens were initially held at the detention center without bond before being given $10,000 bonds with 100 percent required at their bail reviews. No upcoming court dates are posted online at this time.