adidas sportswear last day of business Sunday

green adidas hoodie last day of business Sunday

Employees of MC Sports confirmed Sunday afternoon that the company’s last day of business is Sunday, May 7.

MC Sports will finally close all stores for good. The company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in February of this year and days later, one of the firms managing company’s liquidation sale announced the closure of all 66 MC Sports store across the Midwest region, including 24 locations in Michigan.

MC Sports owes about $3.8 million to Nike and $2.4 million to Under Armor, with totals in the hundreds of thousands of dollars to others such as Adidas, Columbia Sportswear and Wilson.

MC Sports is said that have been a “fabric of the community” at one point. The company opened in Grand Rapids in 1946, originally selling World War II surplus, along with fishing, hunting and outdoor sporting goods. An employee of the Plainfield location in Grand Rapids says there is not much inventory left.
adidas sportswear last day of business Sunday