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Sports Bristol Central Bristol Eastern St. He had called me after I shared the “Builders of Bristol” biography of his mother, Ann, that was co written in 2001 by his brother, David, and cousin, Jean Masotti. He called because I had asked readers if they knew of or had any stories on this fine lady.

Gary went on to say what a wonderful woman and mother she was and added, “She was a tireless contributor to the town. She was always creating something that could make money for the Bristol Boys Club.” He also stated that she was involved in other organizations in town with the idea of helping them with fundraising. She was appreciative of what Bristol offered her family when her two boys were growing up.

Gary also quoted what his father had said about his mother, something that has stayed with him his entire life: “Your mom is a damn unusual woman and I’ve loved her with all my heart since the first time I laid eyes on her.”

Gary said that both his parents gave back to Bristol and that he was very proud of them. He has the fondest memories and appreciation of Bristol, because this is where his future career started developing. He also talked about his Bingham School classmates, a group he enjoys staying in contact with.

Ruth Norton on Ann Burghoff

Ruth (Sullivan) Norton called and told me about Ann Rich working at Rockwell Park with Ralph Waterhouse before she married Rodney Burghoff, who she was also aware of back in the day. Ann and Ralph partnered in providing games and teaching dance at the park when Ruth was young. She and her sister, Doris, were about ages three and five, respectively at the time, and living on Jacobs Street.

Ruth went on to say that when her family moved to Vincent Road, she and her sister would sometimes play in Gary Burghoff’s grandparents’ yard. Ann, who was then married, went on to open her own dance studio on North Main Street, renting the second floor of the old firehouse branch, located across the street from where the Mason Jar restaurant is today. Ann was visiting the grandparents when she saw Ruth and her sister and offered them a two for one deal if they took lessons from her. Ruth added that a number of young ladies who were in Mrs. Burghoff’s first class, which include her and sister Doris, were Lena Ghio, Charlotte (Linendoll) Howley and Regina Markowitz, the latter who Ruth lost contact with as far as her whereabouts. Lena and Charlotte went on to become talented dancers and carved out successful lives for themselves here.

Rewind 2010 (Seven years ago)

City officials, business owners and residents gathered at the Bristol Stomp, a sold out event at the Polish American Club, to celebrate the city’s 225th anniversary Saturday night. A mostly residential city, Bristol has thrived and held on to a rich history.

“We have a rich history that started with a farming and agricultural way of life to a manufacturing district and now we are in a new trend that is consistent with what’s going on today,” said Bob Montgomery, chairman of the anniversary committee and city historian. “People reflect back on how it was in the early days, share stories and get together and learn of the many things that make us proud to have been a part of Bristol’s 225th.”

Mayor Art Ward and city officials were in attendance at “The Stomp.”

Tony Sileo

Tony also added that he (Tony himself) had taken a bad fall and is wearing a push collar around his neck, but will be able to attend this morning’s veterans program at South Side School. He believes it’s an injury that will take some months to heal. Wish him well when you see him.
pure boost adidas Bristol native known for role on M