adidas shoes women Brazil’s work began too late

adidas superstar cheap Brazil’s work began too late

FIFA president Sepp Blatter cannot remember a World Cup host nation falling as far behind with their preparations as Brazil have, he said in an interview.

“No country has been so far behind in preparations since I have been at FIFA even though it is the only host nation which has had so much time, seven years, in which to prepare.”

However, Brazil President Dilma Rousseff promised the country would stage “the Cup of Cups”.

“The demand for tickets, the greatest for any World Cup,
adidas shoes women Brazil's work began too late
shows supporters in the whole world have confidence in Brazil,” she said on Twitter.

“We love football and we will receive this Cup with pride and we will make it the Cup of Cups. The World Cup will be at home in Brazil as this is the country of football.”

Blatter has experience of nine World Cups, dating back to Argentina in 1978. He joined soccer’s ruling body as a development officer in 1975 before becoming secretary general and then taking over as president in 1998.

Six of the 12 stadiums in Brazil missed the final deadline of Dec. 31 which FIFA set for them to be completed and put at the disposal of organisers.

They are the venues in Sao Paulo, Curitiba, Porto Alegre, Cuiaba,
adidas shoes women Brazil's work began too late
Natal and Manaus.

Many infrastructure and transport projects have been shelved or scaled back and organisers are still debating how to provide extra flights for the thousands of travelling supporters.