adidas jeans trainers Boyd family comes home to barbecue

shell toe adidas Boyd family comes home to barbecue

The annual get together began more than 10 years ago as a combination birthday party for his mother, Doris, and a reunion for family and friends at “Aunt Dorothy’s” house.

Boyd’s mother lived in the house for the last 15 years of her life, and the family decided to continue the reunion there after her death three years ago.

Dr. Eleanor Fraser, a Boyd cousin who practices medicine at Lake Isabella, owns the home she inherited from her mother, Dorothy Fraser. It is next door to the Laguna Beach Unified School District parking lot, owned by Boyd’s parents until the district condemned it and took over the property.

Doris and Robert Boyd married in 1938 and had five children: Robert, nicknamed “Happy,” the eldest; followed by Barton, always called “Bo;
adidas jeans trainers Boyd family comes home to barbecue
” then Kelly, Cindy (Mary Lucinda), the one girl; and Randy, the youngest.

They are the grandchildren of Marie and Joseph S. Thurston, whose father homesteaded Aliso Canyon in 1871.

A mobile home park, a school, a scholarship endowment and book, “Early Days in Laguna” or “Early Days of Laguna,” depending on the copy, bear the Thurston name testament to their grandfather’s contributions the community and business acumen in community investments.

Two of Thurston’s grandchildren have continued the family’s tradition of active participation in the business and community affairs of Laguna Beach.

Kellyowns the Marine Room Tavern and has twice been elected to the City Council, in 1978 and 2006. He married Michelle Vierstra in 1982.

Randy owns Thurston Boyd Interiors,
adidas jeans trainers Boyd family comes home to barbecue
where he plies his talents as an interior designer. His own homes have been featured in shelter magazines and opened to the public for fundraising tours. Neither is happy the younger generations find Laguna out of their financial reach.