adidas plimcana low Cavs unveil new Nike uniforms

adidas laces Cavs unveil new Nike uniforms

The Cavs introduced the first two sets of their new uniforms for 2017 18, and Kyrie Irving’s name was even featured on the back of one of the jerseys that was featured in images that were released to the media on Monday, Aug. 7.

The new looks are part of the NBA switching to Nike as the league’s exclusive oncourt apparel provider an eight year, $1 billion deal that begins with the 2017 18 season.

Prior to this season, each team will introduce four new uniform sets, which will also include ones inspired by the athlete’s mindset and the communities that support each team. The Cavs told Crain’s those sets will be unveiled closer to the start of the season.

Additionally, the team said it will not be one of the clubs that will have “Hardwood Classics” a throwback set of uniforms in 2017 18.

Another change for this season: The uniforms no longer will have a home or road color designation, as the league is giving each team a chance to choose which uniforms they will wear at home. (The visiting team will then wear a contrasting color.)

Monday’s announcement also gave fans the first official look at the Goodyear Wingfoot logo, which will be a staple on the top left of the Cavs’ jerseys. The Wingfoot which will be wine on the white uniforms and gold on the wine Icon editions is part of three year pilot program for jersey patches that the NBA approved in April 2016.

In the Cavs’ case, the Goodyear deal is a lucrative one a long term partnership reportedly worth about $10 million a year.

The Cavs, who are one of about a handful of teams that are dramatically changing their look to coincide with the switch to Nike, should also benefit from the presence of the swoosh.

Last month, Matt Balvanz, a senior vice president of analytics at Navigate Research, told Crain’s he wouldn’t be surprised if the NBA’s merchandise sales jump 30% in the first year of the deal with Nike. The increase could be higher for the Cavs, Balvanz said, because of the combination of their fans preferring Nike over Adidas (the league’s previous apparel provider) and the team’s significant design changes.

At the time, a Cavs source told Crain’s that the team expects a “decent” bump in merchandise revenue, which is usually the case when a club releases a new design. But, the source explained, merchandise accounts for a percentage of the team’s total revenue that is in the low single digits.

From the fans’ perspective, the new uniforms will come with a whole set of choices that extend beyond a preferred set and a favorite player. (The latter is an even more difficult choice for wine and gold backers this season, with the status of Irving in question because of his reported trade demand.)

Fans who want to sport a Cavs jersey with a Wingfoot logo will have to purchase the tops at the Cavs’ online shop or in the team shop at Quicken Loans Arena. Jerseys sold at retail outlets won’t have Goodyear’s signature mark.
adidas plimcana low Cavs unveil new Nike uniforms