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As for RTD being over precise with destinations signs. I can see where you are coming from, but I have to disagree. When I get on a train, I want to know precisely where the train is going. If I get on a train signed xxxx, and before I get to xxxx, the train stops, and the operator tells me I have to get off. Because it’s the end of the line. I say hey wait a minute, your sign says “xxxx”, and he says, oh yeah, but that’s just general, it’s not the precise destination. I’d be pissed off big time.

I’ve traveled in metro systems around the world, and can definitely sympathize with the poster who would like a “primary” destination or direction. But you’re right not all trains serve the final destination, and one needs to know when boarding. Also in larger cities some lines split towards the end (servicing the suburbs), making it even more important.

But, if once you’ve ridden a line once or twice you can easily figure it out and most people are happy to answer a question. And, systems like Denver or SLC aren’t near as complex as London or NYC.

I’d be interested in hearing what others here have to say. I currently work in the Oil and Gas Industry in Denver, and am very tentatively thinking about going back to school for engineering. Since I’d like to stay in the West and not spend a ton of money, I would consider University of Utah. It’s fairly cheap compared to most schools, and I wouldn’t really want to go to UC Denver or god forbid UC Boulder. I also feel like I’d have an easier time networking getting internships and stuff in Salt Lake though perhaps that is completely incorrect.

I could realistically have a fairly easy time moving. My girlfriend makes good money working from home. I am kind of pigeonholed into Oil and Gas Work, but could possibly pick up a part time job in SLC to work while taking classes at a Community College to establish residency.

In any case, what are the major losses moving from Denver? I don’t get out in Denver much, although I do appreciate the energy of downtown. I like good restaurants more than anything, and intelligent, reflective people capable of talking about life, themselves, society, etc, without just hearing the same old that comes out of the TV. I like a lower pace overall, and less traffic.
adidas tracksuit kids Denver vs Salt Lake City