adidas spezial DFC Production Announce Casting Call for Filmbase Shorts

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“A dutiful nephew visit provides little in the way of comfort to his curmudgeonly uncle at least that how the old man would have it appear, as he fends off the younger man help with searing comments. However, kind words and insight from a nurse shed light on his nephew good intentions and soften the elderly man to a gift that consoles him in his loneliest hours. Older gentleman (70s), disagreeable with a sharp tongue and stubborn to boot. Having been used to his own company, he appears to find people more of an annoyance than anything else but is soft hearted and sentimental at the back of it.

Jarlath William nephew (30s/40s) who also happens to be an, admittedly offbeat, priest. With a slight hipster air and wide eyes drinking in his world, he is obviously uncomfortable in his uncle presence though intelligent enough not to argue. He is slightly comedic (though possibly unintentionally) in his own way, his wit somewhat overtaken by his concern for the older man.

Kate Nurse (late 20s/30s). Soft featured and kind hearted, Kate puts up with William, knowing from years of experience that his cranky nature may largely be a front. She has her own witty streak and a way with words, giving William as good as he gets and throwing in some wise words for good measure.

A pregnant woman experiences all of the concerns and fears of impending motherhood through connecting with a fragile and quirky egg. an anxious mother to be. While happy to be pregnant, she is struggling with the idea that she is single, alone, and about to have her first child. The reality of being responsible for the health, happiness, and safety of another human becomes a huge weight on her shoulders.
adidas spezial DFC Production Announce Casting Call for Filmbase Shorts