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Tourists visiting Wetaskiwin’s Reynolds Alberta Museum can still take to the skies in a vintage biplane despite an accident involving a similar plane, owned by the same Alberta company, in Ottawa.

A 66 year old woman was taken to hospital with an arm injury, and a 64 year old man received neck and back injuries. The 53 year old male pilot was assessed and released.

Alberta based Central Aviation Inc. owns the biplanes at the Reynolds Alberta Museum, home to Canada’s Aviation Hall of Fame, and Rockcliffe Airport in Ottawa. Company spokesman John Cummings said his firm is looking into the crash.

“We’re investigating the incident to determine the cause, and if there is anything we do can to improve our procedures, but we haven’t completed the investigation yet,” said Cummings.

Representatives from the Transportation Safety Board of Canada said after talking to the pilot and collecting data, it has chosen to not conduct a full investigation.

Cummings said those with concerns about the company’s Wetaskiwin biplane operations should look at its record.

“We’ve been operating there for 20 years, with probably over 2,000 landings per year,” he said. “We have only one landing incident in 20 years. I think it speaks for itself.”

Cummings later estimated the company made around 60,000 landings over the past two decades.

An email from a Transport Canada representative indicated Central Aviation was last inspected in June 2010. There were no findings from that inspection that would have an impact on aviation safety.

The email indicated Transport Canada would follow up with Central Aviation to verify the company’s compliance with safety regulations.

Cummings said every time a somebody rides their one of their Waco biplanes, they are given an air safety speech.

The speech’s content is somewhat similar to that of a larger passenger plane, telling passengers to keep their seatbelt on, keep their arms within the cockpit, and how to properly enter and exit the aircraft.
adidas school shoes despite crash in Ottawa