adidas marathon despite big plans

adidas jeremy scott despite big plans

Herb Gray Parkway construction forced demolition of 20 per cent of storefronts and led to chaos for customers over the past four years trying to access the Windsor Crossing Outlet Mallthat were travelling by or people with sports teams, it was hard getting them here (due to construction), said Leah Curd, manager at Adidas sporting goods store at the outlet mall. our employees who work here some days didn know how to find their way to work.

road project) affected our traffic quite a bit. We were down about 20 per cent last year. We have started increasing again. I would say we are up about five per cent since the spring. is anxious to see what improvements will be made under the outlet mall new owners Royal Courtyards a Toronto area property management company who bought the property a month ago.

The Windsor Crossing Outlet Mall is seen in Windsor on Thursday, Sept. 17, 2015. customers to take advantage of the lower Canadian dollar at the outlet mall.

know they want to get new stores here, Curd said. like to see it get back to when I was young when it was the place to be. You had the fountain and restaurants. Now it just stores. A lot of things are missing that used to be here.

think the new owners see opportunities here and new things will happen. customers, said a company spokeswoman. Huxley, the company marketing manager. have already seen an increase of sales since we took over. top immediate priority is securing a new sit down restaurant as a primary tenant, she said.

are making some progress there, but have nothing committed yet, Huxley said.

The outlet mall used to include an Applebee restaurant at the front of the shopping centre, but that was the portion of the outlet mall ripped down to make room for the new parkway. The outlet mall has not featured a comparable dining replacement since.

we want to do is make this more of an experience and destination, Huxley said. want it to be shopping with a little more relaxation versus a busy indoor mall. Part of that is seeing people come spend the day and enjoy a sit down lunch or dinner as you stroll around. new owner is also seeking to secure more tenants that target women shoppers between the ages of 35 to 50, she said.

But Shade Stone, owner of Cafe Mondo coffee and sandwich shop,
adidas marathon despite big plans
is taking a wait and see approach despite the new owners and parkway construction being completed.

He fears the outlet mall current customer volume may be the new reality.

The parkway project for years created a business situation where it was constantly unpredictable in terms of scheduling staff and ordering the proper volumes of food and drinks for his business, Stone said.

day you didn know what road closures were happening or when they would reopen, he said. 17, 2015. (TYLER BROWNBRIDGE/The Windsor Star)

Stone believes there are no quick fixes and the outlet mall will need considerable time to grow again, no matter what the new owners do. Parkway construction is not the only factor that hurt business, but the downfall of Windsor economy also remains a huge obstacle.

not sold it will get back to where it was before 2008, Stone said. the end of the day, you have fewer tenants here which means less traffic. Less traffic means less money. Courtyards is in the midst of gathering pricing for various renovations, but not yet made decisions on what will be done, Huxley said.

But Stone countered: often people believe if you throw money at something it will change everything. I have seen too often no matter how much money you spend, sometimes it is what it is. Mayor Ken Antaya said the town is poised to do whatever it can to help the outlet mall grow. The commercial centre is vital for the town residents both as an employer and shopping needs, he said. It also adds about $250,000 in annual tax revenues for the municipality.

are hoping it doesn disappear and they can bring new life to it, Antaya said of the new owners. is a great employer not only for (teens), but adults, as well. This is not a business we want to lose.
adidas marathon despite big plans