adidas leggings uk Former Cards star Jerry Eaves hopes culture will change

adidas gloves Former Cards star Jerry Eaves hopes culture will change

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) A chaotic day on the University of Louisville campus as many students and former players are still trying to take in the pay for player bribery scheme federal prosecutors allege.

Everyone still wants more information about that FBI investigation. But, the consensus seems to be they are happy with UofL Interim President Dr. Greg Postel’s latest move. As he stated during Wednesday’s press conference, the university is “obviously cleaning house.”

Former Cardinal star Jerry Eaves, the point guard for the 1980 National Champs under Denny Crum, is in a state of disbelief.

“You could not write a book on this. No one would buy it, because it’s so unreal,” he said.

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For Cards fans, what happened Wednesday morning was unimaginable.

All eyes were on Tom Jurich, one of the top Athletic Directors in the nation, getting chased down by reporters. Then, Rick Pitino, a Hall of Fame basketball coach, found himself in the same position, quickly leaving a Grawemeyer Hall meeting with the University President and hopping into a running car.

Eaves, who is a radio host, said he wanted to be at the official press conference to ask questions of Dr. Postel, and to make sure the new administration doesn’t repeat mistakes of the past.

“We had our issues with Karen Sypher,” Eaves said of the first Pitino scandal, following a tryst with Sypher and her extortion of the coach.

“Then everyone wants to disregard things, and then put things in a vacuum at the University of Louisville,” Eaves continued.

Students at the press conference like Jared Deflippo have come to terms with losing Coach Pitino. Deflippo said Pitino did a lot of good for the University but, “After two of these scandals in three years, whether he knew about it or not, I think it might be time for him to move on.”

Eaves says now, it’s hard to accept that the latest allegations happened while the university was under serious NCAA sanctions.

“We have someone negotiating a $100,000 deal?,” he questioned of the coach involved in the Adidas probe.

Grant Hennessy, a senior at UofL, said of the past 24 hours, “I’m just, angry. I guess more anger than sadness.”
adidas leggings uk Former Cards star Jerry Eaves hopes culture will change