adidas samba suede trainers How Not to Run Your First 5k or 10k Race

white adidas originals How Not to Run Your First 5k or 10k Race

Introduction: How Not to Run Your First 5k or 10k RaceRunning and racing are increasingly popular amateur sports and with the growth in the running industry comes lots of newbie runners. Like you. This instructable seeks to cover the same sorts of details many other articles over the years have covered, but with a more entertaining angle. Is that what you really want, even for a little while? Go do something enjoyable with your life instead. Seriously.

Of course, if you haven’t walked away at this warning, then its often advisable to check with your doctor before engaging in any sort of “fitness program”. This is supposed to be so he can convince you to do something else instead, but it rarely seems to work. Most likely your physician is like mine and will actually praise you for doing something like this. This is because your doctor is a sick and twisted individual who stands to make cash off your impending injuries. Besides, races get people do to lots of fun things, like meeting impending deadlines, making them pay money for stuff and getting up at four o’clock in the morning. Who wouldn’t want to do this?

Anyway, which race you choose will affect your needed training fit your needs for the following:

Your ability to run the distance in good order without distress. Let’s face it, at this point in your running career there’s probably no such thing. Pick something short, (like a 5k or 10k?)

Locale (don’t make travel too arduous)

Cost (of entry fees, travel, equipment, etc etc.)

Social group / family attendance, if so applicable

5k and 10k races are most popular for beginning / novice runners, since they’re typically short and relatively inexpensive. Don’t even think of signing up for a full marathon without six months to a year’s worth of training, and some shorter races under your belt. Finally, make sure you sign up for your chosen race early. Yes, some races still accept same day entries, but almost all require you to enter before then, and many sell out well before that point. Some races are even like concert tickets. The Boston Athletic Association 5k race (run on the last 5k of the Boston Marathon route, the day before the Marathon) is presently sold out now, in September. The race is in mid April. I didn’t know this at first, but I’d like to thank my local running store for clearing up for me how incredibly expensive it is to sew together a few scraps of polyester and nylon fabric. Here’s the procedure I developed for purchasing just about any gear associated with running.

1. Go to the running store.

2. Reflexively scream “HOW MUCH??” and run away screaming.

3. Go to Wal Mart. They’ve got to have shorts for less.

4. Discover that the only shorts at Wal Mart are made for nine foot tall high school seniors, made from five pounds of material (all of it cotton) and are totally unsuitable for anything even remotely athletic.

5. Ask your friends for advice. Be told (by runners) to go to the running store; non runners will shrug haplessly.

6. Check eBay. Discover that people only ever sell shorts cheaply is if they’re in size XXXL, the world’s most hideous shade of puke yellow and live on a remote pacific island where packages are only shipped out once a year at so much expense you may as well (almost) just buy shorts at the running store.

7. Fume angrily and stomp around for a while. Seriously, if you don’t do this you’ll pull something, and then you’ll never be able to run again. (How awful!)

Did you know that “proper” running shoes cost ten thousand dollars? Each. I didn’t, but then the running store people clued me in. They remembered the fiasco with the shorts earlier, but they’re paid to overlook such things in the interest of customer service and with bankruptcy now inevitable, I made my purchase.

When you go to the running store, somebody will likely perform what’s called a “pronation analysis”. This involves you running on a treadmill facing a wall (so you can’t see people pointing and laughing at you), while the salesperson strokes their chin, stares thoughtfully at your feet and says things like “hmmm.” “Pronation” is a latin science y term meaning “more expensive”. It tuns out that in my case I “overpronate”, which is a term meaning “REALLY overly expensive”. When my final bill for the shoes came they needed one of those “ten to the power of” exponent things to express how much I’d spent. Anybody who needs actual orthopedic shoes should probably just shoot themselves.

Anyway, just pay the running store and get out; you don’t want to do the previous step all over again, do you?.
adidas samba suede trainers How Not to Run Your First 5k or 10k Race