adidas columbia trainers how to be a student bum

adidas zip hoodie how to be a student bum

Hello my name is Carrot and I am a student bum.

I’ve been a student bum ever since I can remember, approximately since September 2002. Although I can’t be sure as the excessive alcohol consumption which comes with the responsibility of being a student has addled my already confused mind and fragile mental state.

I’m studying for a degree in Medical Biochemistry ( evidence of an unhinged mind if ever there was any!) and am going into my second year in September. Therefore, inorder to obtain a little bit of power I’ve decided to bradcast my life as a student bum.

Feel free to use the tag board below to comment on the content of the blog so I can see what kind of people are reading it. Any way its a piece of world wide web wonderment and I recommend you web fiends read it. I’ve had a couple of articels published on here. Type in Donnelly into the search bit and voila! Journalistic ineptitude at your finger tips!

Mosh Nightclub A favourite haunt of this bum. The drink is cheap,
adidas columbia trainers how to be a student bum
the music loud and the queue for the toilets is non existant. Incidently this is the same criteria I used for choosing which university to go to originally

This week I couldn’t be a bum without.

Thanks to this little slice of pop perfection its party time all the time in the studentbum house! With no song longer than four minutes its perfect for those, like myself with the attention span of clobbered to death goldfish!

Last year I an unearthed a long forgotten time of day in this Bums life, breakfast time and with it the marvel that is Weeto’s. See the genius of this product is that not only do they turn the milk chocolatey, but they also have a hole in the middle that contains no fat,
adidas columbia trainers how to be a student bum
so really they are actually pretty good for you!